Chile: first global experience of compartmentalisation in pigs

After 18 months of work done by the Agricultural and Livestock Service of the Chilean Government (SAG), the Pork Producers Association (ASPROCER) and one of the leading Chilean swine sector enterprises, implementation and official verification of the compartmentalisation of the pig production health project of the agroindustrial complex in Huasco Valley have been completed the with the official approval by the national director of SAG.

Note that this is the first global experience of compartmentalisation in pigs for meat production. Other initiatives in poultry production have been developed in Thailand and Brazil, which are still under development.
The OIE defines compartmentalisation as "one or more establishments under a single biosecurity management system, containing an animal subpopulation with a distinct health status with respect to a disease or specific diseases against which they have applied the measures of surveillance, control and biosecurity for international trade."