Bio-Security rules are essential in the context of globalization of disease spreading.


Because bacterial of viral contamination can ruin farm economics and destroy the future of the farm.

Mpig's ACMC Bio-Security

Bio SecurityBio Security

No Direct Access to the Farm

  • Loading and unloading by in a segregated area.
  • Total cleaning of lorries (wheels – under the lorries, flaps, wheel arches.
  • Control of tickets (previous consignment carried).
  • Lorry driver = no access to any part of the farm. (not allowed to keep pigs = control)
  • Feed unbagged before supplied on the farm (bags = major contaminants)
  • fogging disinfectant.
Bio Security

" Human is a vector who can be sensitized to biosafety rules "

Rooms for taking shower with soap and changing the clothes

A room full with disinfectant solution and Ultra Violet lamp Bio Security
Bio Security
After taking shower, changing the clothes, all staff and visitors have to walk through disinfectant solution.
Bio Security After taking the shower, change the cloths and walk through disinfectant.
  • Boot stations facilitate manure removal
  • Disinfectants should be selected based on efficacy cost ease of use and environmental friendliness.
Bio Security