Artificial insemination (AI)

Artificial insemination (AI)Advanced genetics in boar semen from M's PIG Independently Audited Genebank using bespoke M's PIG Vantage Boars.


M's PIG "Vantage Sire and Dam Line Boars" - for perfect breeding.


All the boars chosen to stand at the M's PIG Genebank have been individually selected. Producing optimum progeny performance, whether they are the finished end product from a choice fo terminal sires, or future breeding females from dam line sires.


"A world leader in applied pig genetic development providing the ultimate in product value." M's PIG Genebank - raising standards of excellence and independently audited. The M's PIG Genebank has been developed in order to ensure the highest semen quality, biosecurity and customer service that would only be expected by the discerning pig producer.


Our stud operators have amassed many years of experience in stud control and day-to-day management. Boar semen from the Genebank is used on our own M's PIG commercial demonstration farm.


Biosecurity - Prior to new boars entering the stud's isolation premises they have been producted and selected only from M's PIG Genetic Nucleus farms. Whilst in isolation they under goes the most rigorous health checks laid down by M's PIG and EU boar AI stud protocols, making the Genebank EU Approved. Our stud, and the boars within, are inspected weekly by independent veterinary surg-eons. Added to this, our boar stud is independently audited for sound protocols to ensure product control and quality. These regular health protocols are in place to protect the end-user.


Worldwide AI - Semen is packaged and dispatched to many different countries worldwide as fresh semen. Using special thermo packaging and extender diluents M's PIG boar semen will both travel safely and live for several days after arrival for farm use. So whether you are a customer within the UK or in another country M's PIG product quality will ensure good results.


Semen quality - Good stockmanship and handling encourages the boars to produce viable and healthy semen, which is essential to obtain optimum conception and litter size. Our laboratory has its own fully controlled environment focusing on hygiene, temparature control and working efficiency. All this means that this M's PIG product arrive at our customers' farms in the best condition possible.