A new generation hybrid pig


The AC1 is the outcome of 40 years of breeding expertise and scientific development. A pig to revolutionise production, this versatile animal offers a range of desirable characteristics with the ability to operate with the highest efficiency in any environment, both in and outdoors.
The M'S PIG breeding and performance testing programme has developed the AC1. Leading edge genetic technology is used to select the best performing Meidam and Volante dam lines.
From these M'S PIG has produced the AC1 female with more functioning teats, longevity in production and a docile temperament.
"A world leader in applied pig genetic development providing the ultimate in product value."

AC1 - a proven performing female

Scientifically controlled development has created a pig with all the best qualities of the hardy, hyper-prolific breeds. Rigorous testing means no compromise on efficient growth or carcase quality.
Genetic selection has delivered a high quality female. It can be mated with a variety of boars to produce progeny suitable for many markets and capable of meeting stringent contract requirements. M'S PIG calls this the "breeding hub" system.

AC1 - high value, high quality, competitively priced

• Versatile - performs well in all environments in or outdoors
• Prolific - consistently higher numbers born and reared
• Easily managed - docile temperament with superb mothering qualities
• Progeny - can be tailor made for various markets using the M'S PIG breeding hub system
• Conformation - 14 functioning teats, sound and robust
• Longevity - for fuller productive life
• Stress free