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"In our company, We do focus on three main areas. First, We are selling our breed to the farmer who will raised it on the farm. Second, We are producing feed by our own. Third, We are supplying meat to the consumer. This is how we grow our company."

Our Breed

We pride ourselves on bringing the best quality breed for the farmer and dealer in all Cambodia market.

Vantage Boar

Vantage EC Vantage Extreme is our Extreme Conformation sire line boar. Its Extreme Conformation has been developed for those producers who require well conformed muscling. In addition this terminal sire line has very little backfat, enabling it to meet tighter and lean meat specifications.

Volante Boar

The Volante Dam Line is a well established traditional Large White and is the result of decades of development. A lean pig offering excellent dam line traits, this great grandparent dam line boar will introduce hybrid vigour and an optimum carcass into your own breeding programme. It is ideally suited to mating to the M's PIG Meidam or Landrace female.

Duroc Boar

The Duroc pig is an older breed of domestic pig. The breed was developed in the United States and formed the basic for many mixed-breed commercial hogs. Duroc pigs are reddish-brown, large-framed, medium length, and muscular, with partially-drooping ears. They tend to be one of the least aggressive of all swine breeds raised for meat.

AC1 Sow

The AC1 is the outcome of 40 years of breeding expertise and scientific development. A pig to revolutionize production, this versatile animal offers a range of desirable characteristics with the ability to operate with the highest efficiency in any environment, both in and outdoors.
The ACMC breeding and performance testing programme has developed the AC1. Leading edge genetic technology is used to select the best pereforming Meidam and Volante dam lines. From these ACMC has produced the AC1 female with more functioning teats, longevity in production and a docile temperament.

Meidam Sow

The Meidam is the world's newest and the most advanced prolific registered purebred. It is ideally suited for producing parent breeding stock for the commercial herd and is a global leader in combining productivity with efficiency of growth.
- Higher numbered born and reared
- Better milk yield
- Excellent docility
- Greater longevity


M's PIG's meticulous on-farm testing and meat quality work, gathering information for individual carcass traits for both our sire and dam lines, reaps the benefits with the slaughter processor. Lean tissue food conversion, lean tissue growth rates, leaness and meat quality are all areas that M's PIG focuses on in the testing regime. Whatever the finished pig contract is, M's PIG genetics will ensure optimum performance on any carcass specification.


We specialize in providing breeders with the advantages such as prolificacy, rapid weight gain, low feed consumption, high resistance to the environment and livestock conditions of Cambodia.

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