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"In here, the place where you can find four kinds of breed to raised into the farm. Contact us to get breed of the highest quality just right now."

Our team of veterinarians guides all of our decisions on the care of our pigs, and helps us continuously identify and implement improvements, like adopting needle-free vaccination in 2016. They collaborate with nutritionists on customized nutrition plans for every stage in our animals' development. They advise and oversee our disease-control efforts, diagnose illness and supervise targeted treatment of our herds, as well as oversee routine procedures. And they ensure our barns are designed and maintained for optimal comfort and well-being.

Our Mission

We relentlessly seek a better way to produce wholesome pork by purposefully connecting every step between our farms and family tables around the world. This is how we ensure the well-being of our animals, the environment, our employees and the communities we call home.

Our Vision

To harness the competitive advantage of our uniquely connected food system to create the most sought-after pork products for our diverse global consumers.