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About Us

M's PIG ACMC (Cambodia) CO., LTD. imported the GGP (Great Grand Parent) Consist of 600 Dam Lines and 30 Sire Lines from Yorkshire, United Kingdom in the late 2008. Now M's PIG is the biggest substainable breeding herds of GGP, GP and AC1 in Cambodia.


WE know that healthy pigs lead to safe food. We have detailed herd health plans and biosecurity protocols to ensure pig health and comfort and prevent the spread of disease. Keep our pigs healthy and provide you with safe.


WE take pride in feeding people. Our connectivity across every step of raising and caring for pigs to pork — from breeding to supermarkets to restaurants — ensures we raise healthy pigs and deliver high-quality, delicious pork.

Producing Feed

Selling Breed

Meidam Sow

AC1 Sow

Volante Boar

Duroc Boar

Supplying Meat

We have provided the quality meat in all the Cambodian market.

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Welcome to Our Pig Farm

In here, the place where you can find four kinds of breed to raised into the farm. Contact us to get breed of the highest quality just right now.

We relentlessly seek a better way to produce wholesome pork by purposefully connecting every step between our farms and family tables around the world.

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In one of the sheds, the farrowing crates are positioned on top of grower pens, so that the waste and afterbirth from the sows.